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Get that just-brushed feeling on the go with ORL Fresh Mint Breath Spray in an ample 10ml size. As the only spray on the market today focusing on a harmonious 7.0 pH balance, ORL Fresh Mint Breath Spray leverages organic xylitol to target and kill bacteria responsible for bad breath. Nourishing plant-based essential oils and fortifying vitamins and minerals included in this proprietary formula go beyond creating fresh-smelling breath to genuinely promote your oral health.


ORL Breath Spray On -The-Go (10 ml)

  • ✅Innovative modern packaging designed to naturally eliminate bacteria that causes bad breath

    ✅ Meets the needs of a health minded consumer by using organic xylitol, plant-based essential oils, organic vitamins and minerals and no alcohol.

    ✅ORL® has created a proprietary blend of organic and natural ingredients in its breath spray

    ✅Supports 7.0 pH balance to help maintain, protect and restore your mouth's ecosystem, supporting stronger tooth enamel while freshening your breath.

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