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Why EcoGoTravel?

High Quality Only

Our team of travel enthusiasts, independent researchers, and scientists conduct extensive research in order to find best eco-friendly, travel-size products.  We only select products which meet our rigorous criteria and create one of a kind self-care travel kits.

Travel Light

Travelling with carry-on products saves time, money and environment. All our kits can fit into one of our travel bags.


No complex routines,  just pack what you need and go.

Stress less, Travel More

We believe that stress associated with packing  and getting ready to travel can be minimized. Our travel kits includes essential personal care products to ensure that you have more time to focus on fun aspects of traveling.  

Treat Yourself and Your wallet

The products included contain natural ingredients, have natural aromas and aesthetically appealing. Investing in the initial package will save you money over the time. Many of our products are refillable or can be reused 

Save the Planet

Our products are meant to meet the sustainability requirements including recyclable packaging, reducing the use of single-use plastics, selecting non-toxic ingredients, and decreasing the carbon footprint from manufacturing to delivery.

Make a Difference

We welcome your feedback about products you like and will accommodate to our best ability.


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