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How EcoGoTravel Began

Traveling supposed to be fun but, as many would agree, getting ready and finding the right self-care products that are travel friendly is a challenge. Aslo, traveling should not come at a expense of our planet but majority of mainstream beauty products contain chemicals and are packaged in plastics.

With these two thoughts in mind, we started EcoGoTravel! 

We thought that a traveler would benefit by having quality self-care products which are familiar, come in travel size packaging, eco-friendly, and can be conveniently taken from place to place.

EcoGoTravel loves to research and offer environmentally friendly products and strive to inform and inspire the global community which embraces sustainable lifestyle.

EcoGoTravel has started as merely an idea, led to a business plan, which developed into an online business intended to serve travelers from around the world.


Our Story: Our Story
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