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Tips for First Time Travelers

Traveling can sometimes be unpredictable and spontaneous. For these reasons, traveling is very exciting, but we understand it can also be overwhelming. We are here to help. We’ve done our share of globetrotting and we’ve compiled our best tips for conquering Travel! Traveling is a privilege we all enjoy and the experiences gathered from traveling will last your whole lifetime. Do it right and don’t make the same mistakes we’ve already made. Here’s how:

Discover your Destination and Itinerary!

Pick a place and find your travel buddies! Nothing is more exciting than choosing where to go. Once you have a little chunk of change saved up, you deserve a trip. Whether you hope to relax or exhaust yourself is up to you!

Book your Transportation and Accommodation in Advance!

Agree on lodging and find some interesting sites to visit while you are there. It is always good to find places of cultural importance to the areas you are traveling to, this will make your experiences much more grounded in the place you are visiting and you’ll gain an appreciation for the history and the people of your destination.

Plan Ahead!

Once you’ve flight as well as your housing, the next step is making sure you have everything you need for your trip. Check the weather and pack accordingly, see if any fun events are happening in the destination city and reach out to any of your friends to see if they know anyone who lives there. Make a list og the things you need to pack and do so before your leave! This will help ensure you don’t forget anything important and save you time on the day of your trip.

Pack Light!

If you are flying we always recommend traveling light. This saves time and energy! Avoid overpacking by bringing only essentials and carry on items. Choosing versatile items can be mixed and matched to create multiple days of outfits. Flying in the United States is regulated by the TSA. Many people tend to misunderstand the TSA travel regulations as well as their uses. The main concern of the TSA is to make sure that traveling can be safe, trustworthy and comfortable for all the public. As a result, 3 ounce or smaller containers are allowed to be stowed within the main cabins of all aircraft. Traveling light and keeping your baggage close to you at all times will not only make your trips easier to traverse, but it will give you much more peace of mind without having to worry about lost transfers of luggage, or paying for oversized baggage when you can easily fit much less in the same space.

Research and Safety!

Read up on local customs, laws, potential hazards so you know what to expect and plan accordingly. Keep copies of your important documents in a safe place and be cautious of pickpockets or other obstacles to your enjoyment at your destination!

Stay Healthy and Be Respectful!

Drink plenty of water, avoid consuming tap water in some places and consider proper vaccinations. Be mindful of local cultures and customs and respect and the environment and wildlife of your destination.

Stay Flexible!

Be Prepared for unexpected changes and delays, and try to stay positive and adapt to all challenges that come your way. It only takes a small adjustment by everyone, to make travel a fluid, easy and organized process. We all hate slow lines and lost baggage. Purchasing your beauty care and toiletries with EcoGo, saves you all the trouble of doing your research because we’ve already packed all the best products in the easiest to light carry case that is TSA Compliant. We hope you’ve gained some insight from our tips and that you’ll find sovereignty in the open skies.

Safe Travels!

-EcoGo Team


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