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Plaine Products travel sizes work great for being on the road or giving Plaine Products a try for the first time. They can be refilled at home with our larger 16oz bottles. This set includes TSA-approved sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion.

Body Care

1 x Plaine Products Lavender Body Wash  2.5oz 
1 x Plaine Products Lavender Body Lotion  2.5oz

Plaine Products Body Wash & Lotion

  • Plaine Products Body Wash 2.5oz

    With aloe as the main ingredient, it will gently cleanse your skin while improving tone and texture, restore nutrients and powerful antioxidants without drying.

    Plaine Products Body Lotion 2.5oz

    Lightweight, fast-absorbing, hydrating body moisturizer with vegan ingredients and aloe as a base, it will leave skin soft and supple.