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SuperBee Dentos Toothpaste Tablets are a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste. These small, chewable tablets come in a 14-tab travel pack, perfect for taking on-the-go or trying out the product before committing to a larger size.


To use SuperBee Dentos Toothpaste Tablets, simply chew one tablet until it forms a paste, then brush your teeth as usual. The tablets come in a spearmint flavor that is fresh and minty.


Pair it with EcoGoTravel Foldable Toothbrush is not just compact; it's a game-changer for travelers. Crafted with care, this toothbrush easily folds into a small, portable size, making it ideal for packing in your carry-on or backpack. Say goodbye to bulky toothbrush cases and hello to hassle-free travel hygiene!



SuperBee Toothpaste Tablets (14 Tabs)