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Three Ships

Three Ships is uncomplicated skincare backed by natural ingredients and real science.

They believe you don’t need a fortune or a 12-step skincare routine to have happy, healthy skin. Their award-winning products are affordable, plant-based and scientifically proven to provide beautiful results. Effective, natural, simple. The way skincare should be.

Their Story

Three Ships set sail in 2017 with a chemical engineer named Laura and a business grad named Connie, in a humble apartment kitchen and only $4,000. They were frustrated with the state of the beauty industry - overpriced products, green-washing, misleading claims and millions of tons of plastic waste created every year. They knew there had to be a better way, so they set out to create the world’s most transparent, effective, and sustainable natural skincare.

Their products prove that great discoveries can be made with limited resources. And that a convoy of complicated products isn’t necessary when you use naturally- effective ones.

Enjoy Three Ships Products while on the go!


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